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Incorporated in 1979, the Nigerian Aviation Handling Company PLC (nahcoaviance) provides ground handling services at all the major international airports in Nigeria. Cargo handling and facilitation represent a major part of the company’s service offering, accounting for over 40% of income.

Cargo facilitation is carried out at Customs bonded warehouses in Lagos, Abuja, Kano and Port Harcourt.

Cargo operations have been automated with the installation of the Hermes Computerisation System at a cost of over $US1m. This has led to accurate cargo documentation and speedy facilitation. It has reduced human intervention on cargo facilitation and enhanced revenue.

Safety and service excellence are some of nahcoaviance’s core values. The warehouses are secured by well trained guards, while CCTV surveillance is on for 24 hours. Also, screening machines are available to guide against the importation or exportation of dangerous or prohibited goods.

Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer: Bates Sarki Sule
Chief Financial Officer: Tunde Balogun
Founded: 1979
Number of staff: 1,531
Location: Nigeria
Air Transport Movements: 19,928
Cargo Tonnage: 124,547
Total Number of Passengers: 2,725,547

Cargo Customers

  Alitalia Cargo
  Base Aviation
  Allied Air Cargo
  Merchant Express
  All other scheduled airlines

Other Services

Passenger Handling and baggage Services

Load Control, Communications

Ramp Services (Baggage Loading, Ramp Technical, Cleaning -Toilet and Water Service)

Cargo and Mail Services (Ramp & Warehouse)

Support Services (ULD, GSE Maintenance)

Security (Cargo X-ray)
Crew Transportation Service

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